Michelle Valberg

Michelle Valberg

Michelle Valberg

Wild Creatures. Extreme Conditions

Wednesday, July 17 – 8:30 AM

Wildlife Photography: Creating Emotional Impact

Wednesday, July 17 – 3:30 PM


Michelle Valberg is an award-winning wildlife, landscape and portrait photographer who has been telling stories with her camera for more than 30 years. Although she has explored every continent, she is particularly celebrated for her passion and love of the Arctic with 53 trips made to Canada’s far north.  

A Canadian Nikon Ambassador and Canadian Geographic Photographer-in-Residence, Michelle has exhibited her works internationally. 

Known for her unique ability to create relatable images of unimaginable landscapes and wild creatures, Michelle finds art in all of nature’s most intimate moments. The world around us mirrors what we see in ourselves, she says, including our beauty, our simplicity, our complications and our responsibilities. Nature is a part of and reflects who we are.  As a visual story teller, Michelle enlightens us with stunning, high impact and compelling photographs of people, landscapes and wildlife.


Michelle’s work has been featured on the cover of magazines including Outdoor Photographer, National Geographic (back cover), Canadian Geographic, PhotoNews and Outdoor Photography Canada.  Michelle has also published four books: Look Beyond…The Faces & Stories of People Living with HIV/AIDSDare to Dream… A Celebration of Canadian WomenArctic Kaleidoscope…The People, Wildlife and Ever-Changing Landscape and her children’s book, Ben & Nuki Discover Polar Bears.  Most recently, she produced a book with Canadian Geographic called Colouring Canada.  

 Michelle’s work extends beyond photography.  In 2009, she co-founded Project North, a not-for-profit organization committed to delivering education and sport-based opportunities to youth in Canada’s Arctic. Since its inception, $1,000,000 in new sports equipment has been delivered to more than 30 Canadian northern communities.  She is an international fellow with the Explorer’s Club and a fellow with the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. 

Presentation Title – 

        Wild Creatures.  Extreme Conditions.

Short summary – Michelle has been telling stories with her camera for over three decades.  Her passion to document the natural world has led her to places and into conditions few would dare to follow.  Michelle believes the camera is the best medium through which she can reveal the beauty, simplicity and complexity that exists in the nature, wildlife and ourselves.

Join wildlife photographer Michelle Valberg for a passionate talk about her experiences capturing breathtaking and amazing creatures in some of the world’s most remote regions.