Kristian Bogner

Kristian Bogner

Kristian Bogner


Thursday, July 18 – 10:30 AM

In-Camera Excellence for Outstanding Photography and Video Creation

Tuesday, July 16 – 3:30 PM



Kristian Bogner is a World Class Photographer and Cinematographer with an infectious passion for photography.  His mission is to capture the amazing beauty of this world and positively influence others with his visual storytelling and teachings.

Bogner literally grew up into the world of photography and has a proud heritage of photographic excellence.  This year marks the 75th Anniversary of Bogner Photography which started with his master photographer grandfather in Germany, followed by both his parents being Canadian master photographers.  By 8 years old he was assisting with photography at weddings, at 10 he did his first commercial aerial shoot and by 16 he had already started his own successful photography business.  As Kristian continued his career, he was eager to leave film and the traditional darkroom behind and begin shooting digital. He chose the Nikon D1X as his first digital camera and never looked back, pushing the limits of digital and using Nikon cameras exclusively throughout his career.

Kristian is a pro photographer, speaker and ambassador for Nikon Canada, Broncolor, Lowepro and Manfrotto.  His work has received numerous awards including 3-time Commercial Photographer of the Year for Canada with the Professional Photographers of Canada Association and 2015 Master Photographers International Commercial Photographer of the Year, along with several other best-in-world titles.

Kristian’s abilities take him from shooting the Olympics and extreme sports, to fashion, architecture, aircrafts, landscapes and expeditions across the globe.  Recent expeditions include climbing Mt. Vinson in Antarctica with 85lbs of gear in up to -65 degree conditions, to several amazing Arctic adventures, to filming and photographing in Rwanda for a life-enhancing water project.

Kristian is known as a technical master, with the ability to capture with excellence in any photographic situation and is continually pushing the envelope of his own art and the incredible gear he uses to create it.

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