The Confident Artist

& the Art of Visual Perception

with Darwin Wiggett & Samantha Chrysanthou

Tuesday, July 16 – 1:30 PM

Location TBD

Before you can make incredible imagery, you need clear vision. And to have clear vision you need to know what motivates you to press the shutter button and what barriers stand in the way of you being fully creative. Once you burst through your personal preconceptions and truly know who you are then your creative voice will emerge. Learning to see and express yourself as a confident artist is all about opening up not only to the amazing visual world around you but also to your inner psyche. Think it’s all a little woo-woo? This talk will reveal what many award-winning photographers already know – the most important photographic skill you can nurture is to know and honour yourself.

Kicking Horse River from the Natural Bridge, Yoho National Park, BC, Canada

North Saskatchewan River, Kootenay Plains, Alberta, Canada